This is my son Luke.

Luke knows which phone his Daddy should have, do you?

Luke knows which phone his Daddy should have, do you?

He’s holding 2 Windows Phones, the one in red is my Nokia Lumia 520 which I bought in April this year.

The other phone is the Nokia Lumia 1020, which is my dream phone: 41MP Pureview camera with Zeiss Optics and OIS, HD AMOLED display, 32gb storage. More information can be found here: http://www.nokia.com/global/products/phone/lumia1020

It all began when my 520 had to go away for repair, and I had to use a Samsung Galaxy Y (make your own jokes up concerning the ‘Y’ at your own leisure)…..

Once you’ve used any Lumia, or any Windows Phone, or even an iPhone or top-end Android, you WILL know the difference in performance – or in the Y’s case, the severe lack of it! 😦

While lamenting my phone’s absence I cheekily threw a tweet out to Nokia UK, not thinking much of what would follow:


And what did follow was this:

So sure enough, thanks to Camilla @ Nokia, I received the 1020 at work on Monday – this is my first pic, taken as I left work – no flash, 5.30pm – not too shabby!

This is with no flash - seriously...

This is with no flash – seriously…

So, not wanting this amazing run of luck to stop, I tweeted again:


and the responses:

Tall order, you’re probably thinking, how can this be done? If at all?

Here’s how:

Simply visit the above link, and press retweet. Done!

Why should you do this? I’ll put this to you: What was the first mobile phone you had?

I’ll bet that for at least 70-80% of you, it was a Nokia.

Do you remember the first time you played Snake and thought that was amazing?
The first time you composed your own version of the A-Team theme tune and showed it to your mates?
When custom operator logos were all the rage?
When you heard your first polyphonic ringtone?

That feeling you got from any of the above? You will get that when you take a picture with a 1020. I guarantee it.

One more reason? OK, here’s one.

IF Nokia kindly give me the 1020 for good – I will pick at random from my Facebook Friends/Twitter followers, the lucky recipient of the Lumia 520, which came back today, fully repaired (the issue was a crackly loudspeaker which is now sorted). The phone is in good as new condition, thanks to Nokia Care in Chester’s sterling service, and the red shell was only bought a week before the phone went away. For RRP £100, you get a premium smartphone experience for a budget price.

Thanks guys, and good luck (for me and you)!! 🙂

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This is my home screen.

wp_ss_20140708_0001Very niiiiice 🙂

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